And…. They are not the SIR!

Obviously since I have only been involved in D/s for about 6 months, I still consider myself fairly new to the ins and outs of how things work. However; I have come to notice that there are a few things that kind of irritate the heck out of me… one of them being “submissive trolls”.

Throughout the entire time I have been involved with a D/s relationship, I have done a lot of reading and studying. Mostly because I wanted to understand more about myself and my inherent nature, but also to see what others feel about having the same nature. While doing all of this research, I have come across the same statement time and time again… “Why do some Doms’ feel that they can just approach any old sub and expect them to bow down to their particular brand of domliness!” Well guess what… you can expect a lot more of it because there are to many submissives that have given them the wrong impression of what submission is and how it works.

But I digress, so let me explain….

What is a “submissive troll”, you ask? Well…. it is one of those submissives’ that wander around the realm of BDSM and salutes anything and everything with a resounding “Master/Daddy/Sir…or any other title you can come up with”. Now I am not talking about the occasional Sir/Madam used as a term of politeness when addressing someone, but the out and out… “Please abuse me, because I will never know the difference since I want to be dominated by anyone that thinks they can”  type of address. You ALL know who I am talking about… those submissives’ that creep/troll around looking under every single rock for someone to dominate them. Even if that person doesn’t want to be their particular brand of dominant.

What bugs me so much about this particular kind of submissive?

Well first of all, they give out the wrong kind of impression to a vast majority of Doms’, especially newer ones. I even believe that is why there are so many Doms that use the “I am Dom, hear me roar and you will bow down” approach. Just like a child taking it’s first step, new Doms’ need to go through a learning process. And guess what? Part of that training process comes from the submissives’ that they align themselves with… and in the beginning… it will probably be one of these types, because they are so easy to find. Therefore; they are going to be trained wrong right from the word BOW.

Yes I know that this seems a little short sighted when you first think about it, but honestly… it is probably more true then anyone realizes… maybe even more than anyone cares to admit.

So… now the question is, how do W/we attempt to change this behavior?

Well that is a whole other blog…

4 comments on “And…. They are not the SIR!

  1. I so agree! I think that the prevalence of these ‘types of submissives’ truly give the rest of us a bad rap. I recently had a meet and greet with a Dom and when it was over, he said he didn’t think I was ‘submissive’ enough for him. He accused me of playing a game or putting on an affectation… (see my post all about it: Thoughts on a High-Handed Sub) He said this because I wasn’t immediately submissive to him He thought I wasn’t serious and wrote me off. Submissives are not required to submit to any Dom they happen to come across. Submission is a GIFT that has to be earned. Just like Respect for the Dom needs to be earned as well. And just because a woman (or man) is not outwardly submissive in public does not mean they don’t have true submissive tendencies. When they meet the right Dom, they will certainly surface.

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